Meet the team

Jack Marandola

Jack Marandola, Co-Founder & Leasing Expert

Jack Marandola, President and co-founder has over 40 years’ experience in the financial services industry with the majority being in the Canadian equipment leasing markets.

In his previous role as President of a large Canadian leasing company Jack has managed all facets of the leasing business including but not limited to raising capital, portfolio management, credit, and collection expertise, as well as managing investor and lender relationships, treasury management, general operations, corporate governance and compliance, and strategic planning.

Jack’s expertise and passion for supporting businesses will ensure Flex-Cap is a leader in the Canadian leasing industry

Daniel Durocher

Daniel Durocher, Co-Founder & Leasing Expert

Daniel Durocher, Vice President and co-founder, has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian equipment leasing market with expertise in sales and marketing, as well as managing intermediaries and vendor relationships.

Daniel’s prior experience in the Canadian leasing industry and his expertise in vendor programs, positions him as an expert in setting up customized vendor programs tailored to their specific needs.

Daniel has a passion for exemplar customer service and ensuring Flex-Cap can meet your needs.

Gail Gilmour

Gail Gilmour, Director

Gail Gilmour, Director, has spent her career in the financial services industry with senior roles within operations environment. She has extensive experience with credit adjudication, both retail and commercial, strategic planning, risk management, as well as human resource management. Gail’s experience will support Flex-Cap’s mandate to become a leader in the Canadian leasing industry.

Kelley Viglianti

Kelley Viglianti, Operations Manager

Kelley Viglianti has over 20 years experience in the leasing & finance industry with major Canadian leasing companies.

In her previous role as Manager, Contract Administration, she managed the contract administration and funding activities for a large Canadian Leasing Company, as well as managing the entire audit and funding team.

Her interpersonal skills allowed her to build an environment of cooperation, diversity, integrity and respect amongst her team.

Kelley built and maintained strong relationships with all internal and external colleagues, vendor partners and Intermediaries.

Kelley has a passion for providing exemplary customer service, attention to detail and always looking for continuous improvement of the documentation & audit process.