Benefits of Leasing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of leasing, is the lower out-of-pocket costs when acquiring equipment. Leases often require little or no down payment, and there are no upfront sales taxes.

Obtaining a lease typically involves a simple and quick financing application and approval process.

When acquiring equipment and wondering whether to Lease or Buy, Consider the following facts about Leasing:

Why Lease?

You generate revenue by using equipment not owning it.

Benefits of Leasing

As an alternative to traditional lending, leasing can offer real advantages for any size business, including:

Up to 100% Financing.

Other financing options may require a sizable down payment. Leasing often eliminates the need to provide cash "up front".

Preserve Working Capital

Since lease payments can be tailored to match your cash flow, more cash is available to your business for other critical needs.

Preserve bank operating lines

Often leases are off-balance sheet hence no impact on your leverage ratios and preserves your borrowing capacity.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes

You pay the sales taxes with your monthly rental payment.

Tax Benefits

Depending upon the lease structure, you can deduct your monthly lease payment as an operating expense and reduce the cost of the lease.

Technological Innovation

Technological developments are making equipment obsolete faster than ever. Leasing allows you to match the term to the useful life of the equipment.

Affordable Lease Payments

Many companies choose leasing because it permits them to acquire the equipment they need while remaining within their operating budget.

Purchase or Renewal Options

Lease contracts allow you to purchase equipment at a stated amount or at fair market value after the initial term or renew the lease for additional periods and often at reduced monthly payments.


Leasing provides you with more flexibility than traditional financing. Payment schedules can be designed to match your business' cash flows. Seasonal payments, step payments, and extenstions are some of the options available.